Do you know Lethal Ace ? No ?
Let me introduce myself.

My real name is Andy Teulinghx. I was born in 1996 and that makes me one of the youngest dj’s from Belgium. If you love house music, than you are going to love me.

Where did I start off as a dj? I started at the age of 14. I always enjoyed listening to music and naturally thought to myself “I want to create my own music”. Lethal Ace was born!

After winning my first competition named “conquest”, I became resident dj in Coznix (Emblem, Belgium). I was so excited that I engaged in more dj contests. That was when it really started. I won:

  • The circus of madness (Highstreet)
  • Tekforce (Highstreet)

After that I got references like:

  • Noxx (Antwerp)
  • Reflex(Westerlo)
  • Cherrymoon (Lokeren)
  • Complex (Sint-Niklaas)
  • Sunrise festival

At January 2014 after my Birthday Bash, I made the switch to allround music. Don’t get me wrong guys, I still love hardstyle music, but house music is more my thing.

Now you know my history and who I am. Every day I still work hard in the studio and work to create my own style.