Already at the age of 6 it was clear to me what I wanted to do in life. The insight came to me during the wedding party of my aunt. There was a person that night that intrigued me: the DJ. So the following years, my parents had to go to a party regularly, a party that was held in the corridors of there own house! With nothing else then a cassette tape / cd player I provided them with top music of that time.

Several years later, when I was 15 years old, the time for the real work had come. Together with my best friend and my cousin, we started a DJ team and we provided the music on parties like weddings, birthdays and other occasions. So step by step we earned some money, which of course was re-invested in better material and new music.

Further on I began to focus myself on the club scene, which resulted in a first 'big breakthrough' at the age of 21. I participated in a DJ contest and, although I did not win it (I was second), a club manager noticed me and offered me to become resident DJ in the Hessenhuis in Antwerp.

Thereafter, many parties and gigs followed and also my music was evolving. Gradually I started to discover R&B and Latin tunes and it even became a passion. Today one can call me an R&B specialist, I really love all kind of Latin tunes and also recent Soulful House tracks make my heart beat faster. But even more I just like to play good music, whatever genre it may be called!

So, cheers to music, love, dance and passion!

El Pablo

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